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Hlw space™ Laser Slingshot

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Aim, shoot, have fun!


Our Laser Slingshot is one of 2021's coolest gadgets. Whether you're shooting targets, hunting, or making awesome videos, our slingshots are guaranteed to perform and impress.

Packs a Powerful Punch:With its heavy-duty rubber band and ergonomic grip, the Hlw space™ launches rocks, pellets, and balls through the air at record speeds

Superb Accuracy: The precision laser sight and sturdy build of the Hlw space™ leads to unprecedented accuracy

Easy to Use: The Hlw space™ is not only durable and simple but lightweight and easy to carry

COMFORTABLE DESIGN:Our non slip handles are built to be both portable and long lasting. We combined an ergonomic curve with stippled sides to ensure you're always in control

INCREDIBLE ACCURACY:Built in fiber optic sights allow you to shoot accurately from any distance. Simply turn the slingshot sideways and aim with a red or green fibre optic dot. For quicker shots simply use the laser sight attached to the handle.


Weight: 4.3oz/123g

Size: 4.5in x 3.3in/115mm x 84mm

Package Includes: 1x Hlw space™ slingshot, 1x High power slingshot strap